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Six email lists are associated with the Internet Sanctions Project. They have a common acceptable use policy: no ad-hominem attacks, trolling or bad-faith argumentation. If you have a conflict of interest (a relationship with an entity under discussion), you must declare it on your personal page on the wiki, and in mailing-list discussion (particularly on the Discuss list) you may state any arguments you may wish to present, once, succinctly, along with a statement of the conflict of interest, before recusing yourself from the remainder of the debate. Sock-puppetry, meat-puppetry, and brigading are not permitted. One person, one voice. Lastly, this is not a forum for debate about the merits or demerits of sanctions per se; you're welcome to take that up with the governments that issue them. We live within the laws that exist, and try to change them, where beneficial, through constructive engagement with governments.


The Sanctions Announce mailing list is a read-only list on which any new actions will be announced coincident with the publication of new data in the BGP and RPZ feeds.


The Sanctions Discuss mailing list is the discussion forum of the policy working group, in which the sanctioning decisions of national governments are discussed and evaluated for implementation or withdrawal. Coordination of outreach and liaison activities with national governments to encourage their adoption of this mechanism as sufficient compliance with their sanction regimes is also conducted on this list.


The Sanctions OSINT mailing list is the discussion forum of the open-source intelligence working group, in which they determine what IP addresses, Autonomous System numbers, and domain names are associated with sanctioned entities, and prepare that information for inclusion in the data feeds.


The Sanctions Board mailing list is the discussion forum of the oversight board, in which a final check is performed before any new data is published in the feeds, and discussion of organizational oversight occurs. It is read-only but public.


The Sanctions Operations mailing list is the discussion forum of the operations working group, where development and maintenance of the BGP and RPZ data-feed mechanisms is undertaken, and outreach to Internet network operators who are implementing the feeds is coordinated.


The Sanctions Research mailing list is the discussion forum of the research working group, where metrics and beaconing are discussed and implemented, and liaison with the academic community occurs.