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The operations group is responsible for the functioning of this web site (which is MediaWiki, reskinned by Open Tech Strategies) and mailing lists, the operational mechanism of the BGP and RPZ data feeds, and liaison with the Internet network operators who use them.

The work of the operations group is done on the operations mailing list (which you're welcome to join, or you can consult its archives of past discussion) and documentation will be published here.


The long-term goal of the operations group is to provide a two-factor authenticated interface for each subscribing network operator, allowing them to select the specific jurisdictions in which they need to ensure sanctions compliance, such that the BGP and RPZ feeds they receive will contain exactly what's needed, and nothing more. The goal is to ensure compliance, without falling into overcompliance.

Because some jurisdictions issue partial exemptions, we currently imagine that the user interface will allow, for each jurisdiction, compliance selections of "full," "minimum," or "none."